Tühjenduspump PF0410 Makita (mustale veele)

Tootekood: PF0410
EAN: 004002829831540
68,00 €
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Best for dewatering cellars, bassins and garden lakes.
Float switch automatically switches off the motor to protect the pump from running dry when the water level falls below the capacity, then automatically switches on when water level rises.
In compliance with IP68 standards.
Professional pump for dirt water contaminated with up to 35mm particles.

Võimsus;400 W
Õhu tootlikus;140 l/min
Maks. kõrguste vahe pumpamisel;5 m

Toitejuhe;10 m
Netokaal;4,3 kg
Mõõdud (PxLxK):;160x168x345 mm

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